Olivia II – AirBORNE Thermal Cover

Olivia II is a high quality cover designed to fit AirBORNE Incubators.
A newborn child transported in an incubator is very sensitive to cold - even the incubator itself is fragile and may stop working during periods of rain and storms, for example.

Warm, safe and dark with customised thermal covers

Transport of newborns in the incubators places high demands on safety and nursing. Strong Innovation, a part of Help & Rescue develops the covers in close cooperation with experts in hypothermia and neonatal care.
Because incubators are available in many different models and can also be custom-made with special requirements, though it is the same model, customised and hand sewn - each cover is a unique product.

An openable lid in the cover may be required to see displays. For another incubator, an opening is necessary to connect oxygen, electronics or others. Sometimes it can also be required that the cover has pockets and compartments for accessories.

Our business has had many journeys with transport incubators. I got together with some colleagues to join in at an early stage and develop the covers for them. After a few tests and prototypes we had a product with several smart solutions that we got a great deal of benefit from. There is a lot of battery capacity to keep an incubator hot, and when loading a helicopter, for example, the covers do an important jobCecilia Ewald, a research nurse at the Academic Children's Hospital in Uppsala

The idea of the thermal cover from Help & Rescue is that the child and the equipment should be as warm, safe and dark as possible. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance that all work carried out with the incubator should be safe and easy. Therefore, the question always asked by our developers is - how does the medical team want to work? The answers are different, but the result is always a thermal cover that encapsulates what needs protection and is so flexible that it allows all surveillance and care.

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HELP & RESCUE with the transport team in Västra Götaland.

Watch the movie about Max’s journey with the transport team in Gothenburg for a greater understanding of what we, at HELP & RESCUE/ STRONG INNOVATION, develop and manufacture. This is our main motivation to consistently develop products that save lives. HELP & RESCUE’s products are focused primarily on neonatal care - keeping newborn children at an optimal temperature, in this case by using the OLIVIA II cover, in two different models.

The large OLIVIA cover, with doors and windows, has been developed in close collaboration with the transport nurse specialist at Östra Sjukhuset - Tina Isaksson. The movie featuring Max shows the large thermal cover, that not only covers the incubator, but also all of the side equipment, as well as a smaller cover that insulates the incubator itself. This can be exposed to the cold, snow, rain, wind or even strong sun during transport. With the help of a thermal cover, the incubator maintains the correct temperature, thus protecting the newborn child.

"Since we started using HELP & RESCUE's thermal incubator cover, we have not had a single patient suffer from the cold."

Tina Isaksson, Transport Manager & Special Nurse at Västra Götalandsregionen

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